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                                                        Some people who distort the Gospel

Recently, Moriel Ministries have been contacted by many concerned believers regarding false teachers and current teachings circulating in the body of Christ.  We have been made aware of some of these teachings. This document is to address serious errors, false teachings and the  false teachers that promote them. We believe it is imperative to inform true believers in Jesus and share our concerns. It is not a comprehensive document and we encourage others to discern Biblically and evaluate their teachings (1 Thes. 5:21). Moriel does not accept that the "Commonwealth of Israel Theology" is scriptural. Moriel warns although we have no personal animosity towards the originators of this error it is nonetheless serious error. We therefore warn saved Christians at large from having any participation with this movement(s) or the unbiblical proposition it disseminates. It is detrimental to the cause of the true gospel to participate with the originators of these erroneous dogmas or to share formats unless it is to debate them. Also, Moriel has included other teachers that we consider to be in serious theological error and therefore we issue the same warnings.


The Moriel Board

          In the spirit of Matthew 24, 2nd Peter 2 and Jude we issue the following warnings: 

Doug Hamp: He is the head pastor of The Way Congregation  ( in Denver CO. He proposes the teaching of Commonwealth Theology. He is one of the authors of the *Denver Declaration. Which is presented as a counter to replacement theology. He presents the 10 lost tribes of Israel (Joseph/Ephraim) as gentile believers. In the Denver Declaration it refers to “both the everlasting Abrahamic Covenant and the Mosaic covenant remain in place on God’s part”. By many accounts Doug spends time trying to put believers under the Mosaic law. 

*Denver Declaration written by Gavin Finley, Doug Krieger.


Doug openly promotes Sabbath day keeping. He wrote an open letter to pastors and Theologians to return to the Biblical Sabbath:

“An Open Letter to Christian Pastors and Theologians: A Call to Return to the Biblical Sabbath”



Prophecy Roundtable Youtube Channel


Hosted by Doug Hamp, Scott Harwell, other guests such as Doug Woodward, C.W. Steinle, Hollisa Alewine


Scott Harwell: He is one of the directors of "Commonwealth of Israel". He promotes Hebrew Roots teachings and that the term “Ephraim” is the believing church. He seemed to have coined the term “Grafting Theology” and he is reportedly writing a book on the subject.



Guests: Hollisa Alewine, February 18th, 2021

—Teaching ministry called “The creation Gospel”.

 —“Her great aim is to get Torah to the nations”.

—She is part of the Hebraic Roots Network

—Promotes Jewish traditions and Rabbinic Traditions

 —She equates the traditions that Paul taught in the Epistles as some form of Jewish traditions. She says look at the Greek “it is referring to Jewish oral law”. 


Books: Commonwealth Theology Essentials

Doug Hamp, Doug Krieger among other authors.



Additional Teachers and Ministries that Moriel does not endorse 


Brandon Holthaus; 

Pastor of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield. 

Guest on Hope for our times Youtube channel on August 9th, 2022.

He believes Apostasy is only losing rewards.


Minute to Midnite

Guests include false teachers and others that teach strange doctrines such as Carla Butaud appear on this radio show. 


-She promotes Deliverance ministries and her belief in generational curses. 



Lyn Leaz


Revelation TV

Howard Condor

Regular Shows like Joyce Myers ministries, Pat Robertson 700 Club, etc.



Mike Spaulding

Head of The Transforming Word and Youtube Channel called “Dr. Mike Spaulding ''. The channel has a whole assortment of guests that range from false teachers to Sci Fi-Gnostics.


Jackie Alnor and the promotion of her new book “The United States of Israel”


L A Marzulli (January 2022) 


Stand up for the Truth

Different Types of guests including Doreen Virtue



Remnant Fellowship 

It has a list of teachers some considered false. Gary Stearman, Billy Crone, LA Marzulli, Derek Gilbert,

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