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About Us 

Moriel Ministries was founded by James Jacob Prasch who was born in the USA but now lives in the UK. Saved since 1972, Jacob has devoted his life in the study of theology and ministry outreach—especially within the deeper meanings of Scripture known as the Hebraic pattern of Midrash.

Jacob also has expertise in history, both Biblical history and modern history. As we know, having a good grasp on history reveals a lot of the reasons for today’s turmoil. His books expose the underlying cause of the confusion and irrationality of our modern church age.

One of the main issues with interpreting the Bible is that it should be interpreted with a Jewish perspective instead of the western mindset. It was written by Jews to Jews making it imperative that the reader understand the deeper meaning of God’s Word respective of its time and circumstance.

Once we understand this viewpoint, it clears up a substantial amount of confusion commonly found in the western sphere of understanding.

If you are sincere with your walk with the Lord, we invite you to check out our resources. Not only will your soul be illuminated regarding current affairs, you will also be blessed with the deeper understanding of Scripture. This will magnify your faith as well as equip you to provide solid answers to the lost and confused.

We are the Canadian branch of Moriel and welcome you to this site.

May God bless you in your endeavors and your walk with Him.



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