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Updated: Jan 6, 2023

1: Invite Jesus in your life.

It is very important to invite Jesus no matter what the situation and circumstances are, He is always happy to come to the rescue. In earlier days running out of the wine at the wedding was a great deal of disgrace for the host. Here Jesus comes to the rescue of the young couple by turning the water into wine. This shows us Jesus’ compassion towards anyone who invites Him in their life.

2: Make a request to Him.

Now Jesus clearly says to His mother “My time has not yet come” but when His mother asked Jesus to do something for them because Mary knew that He is the Messiah. He turned the water into wine and when He turned water into wine, it wasn’t some cheap wine - He made the best! The take away from this point is that when you ask from Him, He gives you the best. Be obedient! God uses his people to do His work. We need to carry out His work without asking any questions.

3: Have faith in Him.

Now when Mary told the servants “Do as He says”. The servants without asking any questions did what Jesus said. Now the servants could’ve questioned Him that why did He require the water that was used to wash the feet of the guest, but the servants without asking any question they brought the jars. We should also have this type of faith in Him, do everything he says without asking any questions.

I want to encourage you to do these four things:

1- Invite Him in your life.

2- Ask Him whatever your needs are.

3- Obey Him whenever Jesus commands you.

4- Have faith in Him because Jesus is a miraculous Lord.


A. A.

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