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Raising Lazarus from the dead

Now we are looking at the last miracle out of the seven miracles that Jesus performed. In this miracle we see how Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead. I have several points that I'm going to make.

Jesus understands our sadness.

We can see in John 11:35, the shortest verse in the bible just two words, Jesus wept. You can picture the scene His friend Lazarus has died four days earlier. Mary and Martha also friends of Jesus are there. Jesus is at the tomb of Lazarus and there's also a big whole crowd as well. Let me ask you a question. Why do you think Jesus wept outside the tomb of Lazarus? Because if you think about it Jesus knew exactly what He was going to do. He deliberately hadn't rushed to Bethany to heal Lazarus before he died. Now four days later Jesus knows that He going to pray and raise Lazarus from the dead. The reason why Jesus cried even though He knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead is Jesus understands our sadness. Jesus understood the grief that Mary and Martha and others were going through. He cared for them, and He loved them. Jesus also understands our sadness. Isn't it amazing that we are the children of God who is so close to us, who understands when we are going through hardships. Remember He is always watching over us. We just have to wait for the time that He has for us in order to see a miracle.

Jesus calls us to be free.

John 11:44 says "Take off the grave clothes and let him go. It would've been fascinating to see any of Jesus' miracles but imagine seeing this particular miracle. It surprises me that when Jesus' disciples see Him walking on the water, they are terrified. I wonder if some of them would be terrified if suddenly Lazarus comes out dressed like a mummy with bands and grave clothes around him. Jesus commands the crowd " take off his grave clothes and tell him go". Now we might think that this is about one particular person we don't have any grave clothes. You know grave clothes can be anything that stop us from functioning the way Jesus wants us to. Grave clothes actually come in all sorts of shapes, and sizes. It can be grave clothes of inferiority. It can be grave clothes of comparison. The world and satan will try and put as many grave clothes around our lives as he can. This also can be a reason why Jesus was deeply moved. He was indignant about the work of satan. Remember friends satan and world will try to wrap us in all sorts of grave clothes, and they stop us be all that God call us to be. We need to ask God to free us from our grave clothes and give us the clothes He has for us. Jesus came to the world to set all of us free. Just like He wanted Lazarus to be free of the grave clothes. He wants to free us from our grave clothes as well.

Have faith in Him.

Raising someone from the death is itself a great deal but raising someone from the death who has been dead for four days is even a greater deal. Now Lazarus was dead for four days, but what did Martha did? She had faith like a solid rock. She knew only Jesus can raise Lazarus from the death. Nowadays people don't have faith like Martha. People pray one day, and they expect the miracle or the answer next day. Don't you think we should all practice faith like Martha? If we are not seeing a miracle or our prayers are not answered. What should we do? Should we just give up? NO! Look at Lazarus. He was dead for four days. Moreover, look at the invalid from the previous miracle. Martha waited four days. The invalid waited thirty-eight long years, but the point is they did see a miracle. No matter how long. Keep strong in faith.

I want to encourage everyone today to keep strong in the faith. Jesus understands

our sadness and remember He can only set us free from our grave clothes that the world and satan put around us.



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