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I Cried And The Lord Answered

Its been probably now about 12-13yrs ago as I was sitting in my truck and crying because my life was such a mess that the Lord came to me as I prayed and cried.

I know the Lord is stirring in hearts in these last days

I was a pretty heavy drinker. I believed in the Lord all my life but never lived for Him at all

He spoke to me and said "Seek the kingdom of God" which I knew I heard before but had to look it up since I rarely read the bible.

It was then I never drank again and felt my the heavy weight lifted from me of so much past life gone and yes lead me little by little to repentance.

Just been trying daily to remain in Christ by praying and reading/studying His word

I feel bad that I'm so guarded from the church these days but see so much deception in it and very little reading from the bible or preaching from it. so sad. Some days it really grieves me that we have no fellowshipping.

We are surrounded by many Baptist churches and other denominations but they all pretty much preach the same. How is it where you are?

God bless you,

Joy Andrews

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