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God is Calling You - Joshua

Now we are going to look at Joshua's calling. Here God is telling Joshua to step up and take the role of leadership, but Joshua is anxious. We are going to take some point from Joshua's calling and see how we can apply those points in our lives to listen to God and answer to his calling.

Get ready - Joshua 1:2

When God tell Joshua in the second verse that get ready to cross the Jordan River, I'm sure Joshua would've had many "What ifs". Let me tell you the "What ifs" stop many Christians from step out and being the man or women of God that He wants them to be. If Joshua had listened to his "What ifs", he would've never got out of the door. How would you deal if God suddenly said to you that in three days time you have to go to a very important mission, and I'll be with you. Would we be as quick as Joshua to listen to God and go to the mission? Remember friends a Christian is someone who always needs to be ready, be alert, and be watchful that is how every one of us should always be. Never ever have a do not disturb sign

on your spiritual life. God always reaches out to every one of us, we need to welcome Him and be ready for his work.

God is with you - Joshua 1:5

This is something that a Christian need to get foundationally sorted in their spiritual life. If we have any doubts that if God is really with us, we are not going to walk really well in our walk with God. If we are really seeking to follow God, we need to know for sure that God is with us always. Joshua needed to know that God is with him. It's a fact not just a feeling.

Be Courageous - Joshua 1:6,7,9

This point is repeated three times throughout the passage. Why three time because God

knew that Joshua is struggling just a little bit here, it's a difficult task he has been given. I wonder how much God wants to speak into your life and my life those words "Andy, be

strong and courageous". God wants those who follow him to be strong and courageous. God is the one who gives the promise land to the Israelites but He doesn't really just drop it into their lap. They actually have to go out. There's lot that Joshua is going to have to do even though God is giving them the promise land. Joshua has to be proactive and he has to cooperate with all that God wants to do in his life. We also need to proactively engage with God. Many people like to exercise and strengthen their physical muscle but here in these verses God's actually telling us to strengthen our spiritual muscles. We can stand against anyone if we have stronger spiritual muscles rather than physical muscles.

Be Faithful - Joshua 24:14-15

What a beautiful verse it is "Now fear the Lord and serve Him with all your faithfulness... But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord". Joshua is 110 years old at this point and he say this to all the people. If we look at Joshua, he is someone who starts well right from the very beginning. Then, Joshua spends quite a lot of time in the desert about 40 years and then he leads the people of Israel into the promise land. He must be around 80 when he goes into the promise land. Joshua is someone who starts well with God, he continues well with God, and he finishes well with God. He's one of those few people from the Bible that do this. Some start well and don't finish well but Joshua does. He was always faithful to God. Let's like Joshua start well with God but also finish well with God.



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