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God is Calling You - Abraham

Hello Friends, we will be going through a series on God's calling. We will have different characters from the Bible and look at those characters. I'm sure we all will learn many things about God's calling and how to respond to it. Today we will be looking at Abraham's calling and how he responds to the call from God and what we can learn from Abraham's call. I'm going to make several points and the first one is:

Hear God's call: Genesis 12:1

It's not very clear how God spoke to Abram but if we see Genesis 12:1 we can see that God spoke with clarity to Abram. Let me ask you, what do you think when you hear the word Abram? A might man of God or a faithful servant of God. But let me tell you this, Abram was the most unlikely person for God to ever call or for ever to use. It is no doubt that Abram was a might man of God and he also walked with faith but let me tell you this he was the most

unlikely call from God. Let me tell you why Abram was an unlikely call. First of all, Abram was an idolater. He was a man who worshipped idols and followed his ancestors. Secondly, Abram was an old man, he was 75 years old, probably his best years were behind him. Third reason is what Abram and his wife prayed for, children. They were never able to have children. And yet God is going to use this man to be the father of all the nations. All of these are the reasons why Abram is an unlikely call. Although Abram is an unlikely character God knew that when He will call Abram he would listen faithfully and with obedience. How ironic is it, if you look at

his name Abram, it means exalted father. Let me tell at 75 years old Abram was anything but an exalted father. He wanted to be an exalted father, but he wasn't. And God later on in the book of Genesis changes his name from Abram to Abraham which means father of many. Interesting isn't it! God would use a man with no children to be the father of many. If God can choose Abraham, remember he can choose you and me as well. Never ever rule yourself out that God cannot choose me, or I am not good enough to be chosen.

Obey God's call: Genesis 12:4

We can see from the verse 4, how faithful Abraham is. God tells him to go, and he just goes.

No excuses, no questions asked. God asks him to leave, and he left. What was Abraham leaving behind? Abraham was leaving his country, his people, his close family members and he was leaving whatever possessions he had accumulated up to that point in life. I'm sure he had a lot of possessions he was 75 years old. He was leaving everything behind. Not an easy thing to do. Let me ask you and myself a question, if God tell you, shut the front door, turn the key and go and I'm going to lead you. What would you do and what would I do? I think most of us would fail to pass the test that Abraham passed here which is being obedient to God. Would we obey God's call? Would we leave everything behind and obey God's call. I think these two hallmarks of Abraham are the most important things: his faith and his obedience.

If we look in the book of Hebrew 11:8, it says this "It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance". Remember friends we all make mistakes, but faith and obedience should be the hallmark of our walk with God.

Be blessed and be a blessing: Genesis 12:2-3

We can see two amazing promises here in the verse 2-3, "I will bless you and you will be a blessing and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you". God wants to bless your obedience. Some of the blessings we can receive while we are still on earth but many of the blessings we will receive when we are with him in heaven. Many of the blessings are eternal

blessings. God also wants you to be a blessing to others. Every time we speak a word of encouragement to somebody, we can bless them. Every time we share our faith with somebody, we can be a blessing to other people. Every time we give our time,

money or efforts to God, we can be a blessing to other people. Every time time we pray and intercede for somebody, we can be a blessing to other people. Every act even a small act of kindness or generosity, God is using you and me to bless other people. Always remember friends if God blesses you and me, it is our duty to bless other people.

Your calling we be tested: Genesis 22:1

Genesis 22:1 says, "Some time later God tested Abraham". Actually, there were many tests Abraham went through but there was one test in particular that was the hardest for Abraham. God has blessed Abraham with a child. Let me tell you at 75 years of age God has blessed Abraham and Sarah with a boy and they couldn't be happier because Isaac was the child they both longed for. God never wanted to sacrifice his son, but what God did want to know was do you love Me even more than your treasured son. And let me tell that Abraham passes this test with flying colors. He was willing to do whatever God has asked him to do even though it's the last thing he wants to do. What a great man of faith Abraham is. What about you and I? Would we have passed the test? I don't think most of us would've passed a test like this, but Abraham does pass this test and he teaches us the importance of walking in faith with

God and walking in obedience to God. The more we do these two things well, the more God will use you and me mightily for his work and his glory.


Andy. A

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