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Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Go to HIM.

In the last miracle we talked about inviting Jesus in our lives. In this miracle we see that sometimes instead of inviting HIM, we have to go to HIM and submit to HIM. When the royal official heard that Jesus had arrived in Galilee from Judea, he made the journey of more than 20 miles on foot. Please note that the royal official wasn’t a normal person. He had complete legal authority. If he wanted he could’ve sent people to bring Jesus to him but he walked to Jesus and he didn’t just walk 2 or 3 miles. He walked more than 20 miles which is I think not easy for anyone but he walked despite being the official. When he reached Jesus, the royal official addressed him as “Sir,” and begged for Jesus to come back with him to heal his son who was close to death. Even though the man had legal authority, he went to HIM and submitted to Jesus. Please ask yourself these questions. Where do we stand today? Are we searching for Lord Jesus Christ in our lives like the royal official? Are we going to Him? I want to encourage you to search for Jesus in your life. Let's not focus on the earthly treasures and pleasures. After you have found Jesus, don’t be shy to ask Him in your prayers.

(Therefore He is able to save completely those who come to God through Him, because He always lives to intercede for them. Hebrew 7:25)

Have Faith in HIM.

The royal official believed that Jesus could only heal his son. We can see how desperate the royal official was when asked Jesus twice, especially John 4:49 tells us that the father was persistent in his request. There is the imperative tone of urgency in his voice when he said “ Sir, come down before my child dies”. The royal official was so desperate and his only hope was Jesus. Jesus recognized the royal official's belief and desperation and said “ You may go. Your son will live”. The royal official obeyed and returned to his son, believing that Jesus needed only to speak the words that his son would live. Distance doesn’t matter for Lord Jesus Christ, the royal official’s son was healed as soon as Jesus said these words. The first take away from this point is believing in Him and that He is God and that He only can heal. The second take away is having faith like the royal official. When Jesus told him to return, he returned. This is the faith that all believers should practice although we may not see it visibly, we must trust in our faith in God.

Time and distance does not matter for God's miraculous powers. Just like the royal official in this miracle, we must ask and move forward believing that our prayers will be answered. When we do this, our faith is exercised, and it will grow and be strengthened. We should demonstrate to others how God’s blessings come through our faith in Him.


A. A.

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