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Updated: Aug 4

Moriel Canada is affiliated with other Moriel groups and teachers that will help you learn and grow in the gospel. It goes without saying that the founder of Moriel Jacob Prasch, author, evangelist and Bible expositor has provided us with excellent teaching.

Moriel means: God is my teacher

A list of recommended teachers that will be updated from time to time is as follows.

Jacob Prasch: Currently Jacob is producing 3 weekly teaching:

-A Bible study on Thurs. which you can attend the live zoom (if you are interested to get on the list contact David Lister: )

-A prophecy update usually posted on Fri. evening or early Sat. morning and

-A word for the weekend

There are also many teachings from conferences and other meetings.

You can search for specific topics on youtube by attaching Jacob Prasch in the search

You can find these and many other teachings on:

If you're interested in join the live stream either Wed with Sandy or Thurs with Jacob, please email MorielTV at

Jacob and Moriel can also be found:

Moriel Ministries Official Website:


LBRY: lbry://@MorielTV#2




Catch up with Moriel Ministries on our podcast!


Google Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts



Amazon Music/Audible:

Sandy Simpson: Currently Sandy is doing a teaching on Wed. that is also captured by

Moriel TV youtube channel:

You can participate in the live zoom by contacting Sandy:

He also hosts Jacob's Thurs. bible study

Sandy has his own channel:

and his own website:

When you go to his website, you will see a list on the left that will help you navigate the site.

Just click on what you are interested in eg. articles, and you will be taken there

Marco Quintana: Marco is the pastor of Devore Church and produces many videos throughout the week including his Sunday Church service. He also hosts Jacobs weekly

updates as well as produces his own typically on Wed.

You can find Marco:

Website :

Teerth Sond: Teerth is a pastor at Fellowship Servants church UK and co founder of their website.


He did a teaching with us recorded on our youtubechannel:

There are other good teachers that are not directly affiliated with Moriel:

David Wilkerson: Though he has passed, his sermons can be found on youtube :

Tim Leech: Tim is pastor of the Bethel Christian Center in Ireland

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