Rapture Question: How it Brought Me to Moriel

I had been curious about end times for quite a while but found myself diverted by other projects. Then in the beginning of 2020, my church started a study in end times in the bible study hour before the main service. I was so excited to finally have some good instruction into this important subject. I was very wrong on the "good" expectation.

The teacher had once been a school teacher and she had slides and handouts that looked very professional and impressive. She had chosen the topic of Matthew 24 for us but found herself at the beginning of a huge undertaking. She choose to use the teaching of Dr. Andy Woods for her presentation, and it appears did not investigate any other point of view. I marveled at the scope of the topic as she took us on a journey back into the Old Testament with timelines and graphs, and definitions, all impressive. It wasn't until I was invited to participate in the small group she was testing her material on, that I caught on to the illogical conclusions by him and how he manipulated the scriptures by changing a word here and there. I was aghast.

We were given homework to look at video 4 of a 10 video series and I decided that I wanted to understand where Woods stood on the subject of end times. I was the only person in the group that took notes and watched all 10 videos. At the next meeting, I waited until all the others had made their comments before I proceeded. Then I began with telling them what I did and that I had also looked into scripture. I saw other possibilities and at that time in my understanding I suggested mid trib, post trib, and after the last trumpet mentioning scripture references to back up my points.

The next day, one of the ladies called me and thanked me for speaking up. She said it was difficult for her to read the scriptures and had not previously known about the points I had made. She said I reminded her of the Bereans ( I had to look that up). It was very kind of her to call me because later that day I received an email from the teacher telling me I was boring the group.

I was actually horrified with what was being taught at church so I immediately contacted the lead pastor presenting my case of the teaching of Dr, Woods as my point of concern rather than it being the teacher. I pointed out that I had no preconceived ideas of the rapture topic and that I had then looked into scripture concerning it and saw other possibilities. I was concerned with the way Woods changed words in scripture to completely change their meaning. I sincerely thought that the pastor would also be shocked and would want to protect his flock from bad teaching. Boy, was I wrong. He totally backed up the teaching and I knew then that I had to leave that church. I knew I wouldn't be able to sit quietly and listen to what I knew was false. I also then realized that he was ecumenical in persuasion, which also had me concerned.

Dr. Woods believes that Matthew 24 is for unbelieving Jews, this is one example of the false teaching that was supported by the pastor. Since there were no unbelieving Jews in our congregation, I wondered why this was then chosen as a topic. I think you can see how people can get stuck into a mindset of following false teaching simply because someone has a slick presentation. Jacob has a video on Dr. Woods. I will share it here if you are curious:


I have to thank Dr. Woods though. Had he not irritated me so much with his presentation of the end times, I would not had delved as deeply as I did and subsequently found Moriel and Jacob.

After I left that church, I did a more in depth study of the rapture using 4 different versions of the bible, so as to not be swayed by any human. I then went on youtube to see what I could find. I searched for rapture and at first a lot of pre trib presentations appeared. Both my husband and I listened intently to the points they were making and rejected every one of them. Then Jacob appeared and for the first time I was introduced to a teacher like him. I was instantly hooked. I first looked at a 3 part series with him and Sandy Simpson, then I binge watched Jacob, being thirsty for more and more info. I searched online for a website and that brought me to find Moreil Canada where I immediately called Blair to ask for help finding a church. That is when I discovered how hard that is in today's mixed up world. See our blog posts on finding a church for help in your area: https://www.morielcanada.org/blog/categories/finding-a-church

Thank you for taking the time to read my journey to Moriel and the true church. It actually saddens me that it is soooooooo difficult to find the truth these days, but am at the same time grateful to have found the remnant church. I participate in the Thurs. evening Zoom that you are welcome to join. That is my church. Here is some info on it: https://www.morielcanada.org/post/thursday-night-bible-study-zoom

I hope reading my journey will help you with yours. If you would also like to share your journey with us, we would love to post it here. It may help someone and remind them they are not alone. Fill in the form below and let Blair know your plans and we will post your testimony.

May the Lord bless you and yours and keep you safe

remember, you can also ask for prayer requests and will will post in this section:


Yours in Christ,


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