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Healing of the blind man

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Now we are looking at the sixth miracle that Jesus performed which is healing of the man born blind.

Ask God to give you a fresh revelation of Jesus.

The blind man has an incredible revelation of Jesus and it all condensed in less than twenty-four hours. We can clearly see that blind when he wakes up that morning sat in his normal place, and he wasn't expecting it to be a different from any other day until Jesus walks past him. If we read through the account, we can see an increasing revelation that the blind man has as to who Jesus really is. We can see verse 11 from John chapter 9, the pharisee ask the man "who healed you". He replies, "the man, they call Jesus". Then again in verse 17 they ask the man what you are to say about Jesus, it was your eyes he opened. The man replied, " He is a prophet". The third time, he says He's a man from God. We can see here that his revelation of Jesus is increasing every hour. Then at last, he believed that Jesus is the son of God. We can see in verse 38 he says "Lord, I believe" and he worshipped Him. Just like the blind man, we need to ask God to give us a fresh revelation of Jesus in our lives.

Guard against spiritual blindness.

I think it's fascinating that John picks this particular healing because there is a compare and contrast going on right throughout John chapter 9. There were the pharisees who really thought that they are the religious elites. They made up the rules, they made the interpretations. Fascinatingly Jesus is comparing and contrasting these religious elites to a blind man. One of the most important aspects of this healing miracle that John chapter 9 points out is that Jesus alone can give us the sight, not only physical sight but also the spiritual sight. In the verse 25 the former blind man says "I was blind and now I see" he also understand the identity of Jesus throughout the chapter. We can see in this chapter that the religious elites who think that their eyes are wide open are the ones failed to see and identify Jesus and the blind man who cannot see is healed not only physically but also spiritually. Friends we have to remember and ask God to guard us from the spiritual blindness.

God wants his glory to be displayed in our lives.

We can see in the verse 3 Jesus said, "this happened that the work of God might be displayed in his life". The blind man has a great testimony, he healed in a short amount of time and he's able to go tell the world that Jesus has healed me. We all as Christians have testimonies of how Jesus has changed our live and how He has saved us from spiritual blindness. We have to ask God that we all could be the lighthouse that He wants us to be. We have to ask Him to shine out from us as he shone out from the blind man even when he was being interrogated by the pharisees. We all have to be like the blind man inspiring others through our testimonies.


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