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Why Evil Exists

Updated: May 7, 2021

The world is stuffed full with abounding problems, such as terrorists, natural disasters, disease, etc., all of which are symbols of evil. Grim and horrific for sure; inflicting massive misery to many on our planet! Why? And, if there is a God, why does He allow this misery?

For some, observing all of this misery is proof that there is no God—it is simply chaos in action. Could it be, however, that these minds have overlooked something, something biblical that can lead to clarity?

The bible states that Satan, the evil one, is actually the god of this world. When Jesus was tempted in the desert, didn’t Satan offer Him all the kingdoms of the earth if Jesus would bow down to him? This, as well as other scripture passages show that Satan is actually lord of this world.

And, what is Satan’s agenda? It is to kill, steal, and destroy! And, he is the “father of lies!” This kind of describes our current state of affairs on planet earth, doesn’t it? But why is he allowed to rule this planet, and why doesn’t God just wipe him out?

The answers are also found in the bible. Satan was originally created as high-ranking angel to serve God’s interests. But iniquity was found in him: he wanted to be the most high, like God. This is the sin of pride! Then somehow, Satan managed to convince a third of God’s angels to side with him, and consequently, they were expelled from heaven.

Once these angelic beings were removed from God, the goodness of God was removed from them as well. This left them with a corrupt nature: the essence of self-magnification and to use any method to promote their new nature—to lie, kill, steal, and destroy.

The question to consider is how would YOU feel to see such a travesty happen in your heavenly home? And, how would you ensure this would never occur again?

And, another important point to consider is that the Lord also designed His creation to have free will—the freedom to choose. This is why Satan could choose “pride” and the angelic host could choose to side with Satan.

This is why there was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden. It is as if it was a test: would humans choose this knowledge if given free will? Notice that Adam and Eve obeyed God until the serpent (Satan) deceived them, which led to the fall...

The “fall,” means the fall from righteousness, the fall from the purity of the Lord. It appears that Satan is out to prove his ways are superior, that is why he is allowed to accuse us at God’s throne as the book of Job indicates.

God, in His awesome wisdom, decided to ensure “rebellion” doesn’t happen again in His kingdom. He made this possible through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. When we truly accept Jesus, we get sealed with His Spirit that unites us with the Lord. The only way to receive the Lord’s Spirit is by giving up our prideful nature and by surrendering ourselves to the Lord’s essence.

Nobody is going to get into heaven without this process, and when we do, we become partakers and rulers with Him. Until then, we exist in a form of “hell,” because the earth in its current form is ruled by the evil one, and the most of the inhabitants are making the choice of following their sinful nature—the nature of Satan. This is why humanity lies, kills, steals, and destroys.

And, at the end of the age, the few that actually choose the Lord, get to rule with Him over His creation. This rule includes ruling over the current heavenly angels and the humanity of the new millennium earth.

The other part of humanity who has chosen to align with Satanic principles, get the final version of hell—the outer darkness or eternal suffering in flames.

Evil exists because of pride, originating with Satan. One of the most evil people known in modern times was Aleister Crowley known as the beast 666. His motto is to “Do as you wilt is the whole of the law.” In other words, ignore your conscience, the seed of righteousness that God has instilled in you, and just do whatever you desire at the expense of others. Just like Satan wants to be god, our self-importance and arrogance essentially make us want to be our own god. The Lord will have nothing to do with this, and eventually only righteousness will exist.

Remember, you can change your ways and truly repent. By doing so and by asking for forgiveness in the Lord Jesus’ name, you should then become united with righteousness. This will lead you to life; otherwise, the end result will be a state that is probably more horrific than words can describe.

Choose wisely dear reader, choose wisely...

John Nieminen

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